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Video Content: A Powerful Tool for Boosting News Article Engagement and Search Rankings

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Video content is quickly gaining traction as a powerful tool for boosting engagement and search rankings for news articles. With the rise of platforms like YouTube and the huge trend of video on social media, it’s no shock that an increasing number of businesses in Australia are turning to video to attract and retain readers. What exactly is it about video content that makes it so successful, and how might news businesses take advantage of it?

The Advantages of Video Content for News Articles

One of the most substantial advantages of video content is its ability to capture people’s attention. When it comes to complex or nebulous subjects, a well-produced video can be significantly more engaging than a written piece. Because video allows for the use of visual aids such as graphics, animations, and footage to better clarify concepts while also making them more relatable, it’s becoming extremely prevalent. This is especially useful for niche businesses that encompass technical or trending topics, as video can help make these topics more accessible to a larger audience.

The ease with which video content can be distributed via social media is yet another benefit. A well-produced video, that is far more likely to be shared and viewed than a written article, can be an effective way to draw potential readers to a site owners’ website. This is particularly relevant in the context of breaking news, where video footage can be an extremely powerful medium for attempting to bring a story to life and capturing attention of the public.

Video content can also assist news articles rank higher in search results. This is because search engines such as Google tend to favour websites with high-quality, engaging content that is updated frequently. Video content, which is typically thought to be high-quality and engaging, can help to meet these criteria, and it can also be continuously updated. Moreover, video content can be optimised for search engines by including keywords in the title, description, and tags, which can help a business’s organic ranking in search results.

Businesses have several options for producing video content. They can make their own videos in-house using a video camera and editing software, or they can hire a professional video production company to handle it for them. For small business owners on a tight budget, creating their own videos may be more cost-effective, but it can be time-consuming and may not produce the same engagement and interaction as a professionally produced video.

Another possibility is to use live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Live streaming permits companies to share breaking news events in real time, which can assist them in reaching a large audience and build audience trust. This option, however, generally requires a good internet connection, as well as hardware and a qualified team to handle.

Incorporating Videos On Your Website

It is important to think about the user experience when incorporating video content into a website. Videos should be simple to find and play, and they should be labelled correctly and described so that readers can understand what they’re watching quickly. Videos should also be optimised for multiple devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, to guarantee that they can be viewed on any device.

To summarise, video content is an efficacious method of boosting engagement and search rankings for news articles. It can help make complex or abstract subjects more relatable, it can be easily shared on social media, and it can be search engine optimised. While constructing video content can be time-consuming and expensive, the benefits it can bring to a news outlet’s website make the investment profitable. Site owners that want to stay ahead of the curve should consider incorporating video content into their content strategy, whether through in-house production, outsourcing, or using live streaming platforms.

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