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Squarespace SEO Tips: Understanding Limitations and Maximising Performance

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Squarespace is one of the top site builders for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses looking to establish an online presence. However, like all platforms, it comes with its own limitations, especially concerning SEO. This article examines Squarespace’s limitations, payment plans, and their impact on technical SEO.

Analysis and SEO tips for Squarespace

Limited Technical SEO Tasks Due to Template Restrictions:

Squarespace’s templates are known for their clean, modern design, making them a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. However, the same qualities that make them attractive can become a hindrance for those with specific SEO needs.

Firstly, these templates come with predetermined layouts and styles, restricting the ability to fine-tune design elements. For SEO professionals looking to implement certain on-page optimisation strategies, this may pose challenges. For example, modifying header tags, optimising content placement, and improving site navigation might be more complex than on platforms that offer more flexibility.

Furthermore, the mobile responsiveness of these templates is automatic, limiting control over how the site appears on various devices. While this ensures a mobile-friendly experience, it may restrict the ability to create mobile-specific SEO strategies, such as implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Code Injection Limitations

Squarespace allows for some custom coding through the use of code blocks and injection points, but these are limited to certain areas and formats.

Code injection enables the insertion of custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, which can be essential for integrating specific SEO tools or implementing customised features. For example, adding structured data markup (Schema) manually can be challenging on Squarespace, limiting opportunities to enhance a site’s visibility in rich search results.

These limitations can become more pronounced if you are using the lower-tier payment plans, where the ability to add custom code is even more restricted.

The restrictions on code injections also make integrating third-party tools and widgets more complicated. While Squarespace does offer various integrations, they may not satisfy all specific needs, particularly when it comes to advanced SEO tools or features tailored to niche industries.

While Squarespace’s template design and code injection capabilities may be sufficient for general users, they can limit the scope for implementing more sophisticated, targeted SEO strategies. Advanced users and businesses with unique needs must carefully consider these limitations when selecting Squarespace as their site-building platform. The inability to fully customise templates or utilise specific code injections may necessitate compromises on SEO strategy, affecting overall site performance and visibility in search engine results.

Payment Plans and Their Impact on SEO With Squarespace

Personal Plan

The personal plan is Squarespace’s entry-level offering, priced at AUD 16 per month (billed annually). It includes essential features such as a mobile-optimised website and basic SEO tools. These basic tools allow for standard meta title and description customisation, alt text for images, and integration with core analytics platforms.


However, the Personal plan’s limitations are substantial, especially from an SEO perspective. Lack of code injection means you can’t implement advanced tracking or utilise third-party SEO tools. It also excludes advanced analytics and reporting features that are crucial for an in-depth understanding of a site’s performance.

These constraints can make it challenging to implement more sophisticated SEO strategies, potentially impacting the site’s ranking and visibility in search engine results.

Business and Commerce Plans

The Business plan, priced at AUD 30 per month (billed annually), unlocks more advanced SEO capabilities, including full access to code injection. This allows for a more robust and tailored SEO strategy, including integration with more advanced analytics tools.

The Commerce plans, starting at AUD 42 per month (billed annually), further enhance SEO opportunities. Features such as custom URL redirects, enhanced analytics, and the ability to sell products online can substantially boost your SEO strategy.

Benefits and Drawbacks:

The benefits of these higher-tier plans are evident for businesses and individuals looking to have more control over their SEO. Enhanced customisation, tracking, and analytics capabilities provide the tools necessary to craft an effective and responsive SEO strategy.

However, the associated costs can be a significant barrier, particularly for small businesses or individuals just starting. Investing in the Business or Commerce plan requires careful consideration of both the financial implications and the tangible benefits to your website’s SEO performance.

Squarespace’s payment plans offer a range of SEO capabilities, each suited to different needs and budgets. The personal plan, while affordable, may be too limited for those seeking to implement an advanced SEO strategy. The Business and Commerce plans provide more robust SEO features but come with higher costs.

Choosing the right plan requires a balanced understanding of your specific SEO needs, budget constraints, and long-term goals. Understanding these aspects of Squarespace’s plans can enable a more informed and strategic approach to building and optimising a website for maximum visibility and success in search engine results.

Squarespace is a Top Site Builder for Beginners

Squarespace is undoubtedly an excellent platform for beginners, providing a user-friendly interface and attractive design templates. However, it does present limitations for advanced SEO strategies. Considering the payment plans, businesses and advanced users may find value in higher-tier plans, but they should be aware of the associated costs.

Advanced SEO Checklist for Squarespace

For those seeking to maximise Squarespace’s SEO capabilities, consider the following checklist:

Choose the Right Plan: Select a plan that aligns with your SEO needs and budget.

Customise Meta Tags: Use Squarespace’s SEO settings to optimise meta titles and descriptions.

Utilise Alt Text for Images: Include descriptive alt text for images to enhance accessibility and SEO.

Implement URL Redirects Where Needed: If possible, use URL redirects to maintain consistent URL patterns.

Monitor Performance with Analytics: Regularly review performance using available analytics tools to identify areas for improvement.

In summary, Squarespace offers a strong starting point for beginners in website building. Still, advanced users may find some constraints in fully maximising SEO. By understanding these limitations and following the advanced SEO checklist, users can make informed decisions and strategically utilise Squarespace’s capabilities to achieve their online objectives.

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