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How important is content with the latest core Google algorithm update?

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I’m not asking for opinions or guidance in this article; I’m asking for two questions:

1. Does the new helpful content update change how you or your SEO provider should optimize your site?

2. If it does, will your site be found for the same keywords?

SEO companies and business owners have spent the last two years trying to figure out how the Google’s Web search algorithms take into consideration content and the developers have provided a large insight in letting the community know that content must cater to the users’ needs on the Google search engine. 

Well, savvy site owners and business owners alike are re-evaluating their SEO needs and are working with digital marketing agencies to come up with a more cost-effective strategy. It’s simple: give the search engines what they want, readable, informative, and engaging content.

Prioritise people over keywords

In summary, the developers announced some important factors with the following update:

  1. The update looks to prioritise content where visitors have had a sustaining experience and therefor also spend a longer time on the website.
  2. Avoid creating content for search engines first. People first content now correlates with Googles own SEO guide.
  3. Google still recommends incorporating visuals to break down heavy content and provide relevant information to keep the user highly engaged.

What are some of the changes we have seen since the algorithm update?

The evolution of AI content has rapidly evolved in the last two years and the Google site wide signal has incorporated new signal ranking factors which determine the important of content.

During the first two weeks, the community saw a wide range of affiliate websites lose prioritisation of search engine rankings due to the prime focus of the content being revenue and traffic rather than providing the user the relevant information they were searching for.

Should I change the way my content is written?

The simple answer is yes. A wide range of digital marketing strategies have diverted and revised how to deliver results to their clientele. The use of engaging content alongside technically focusing on a website is now a complete business model and must work together in order to grow your traffic and increase your overall search presence on various search engines.

It is still recommended to incorporate the keywords you would like to appear on Google as this will tell the search engine what the page is about, however agencies must now consider for the content to be informative and to satisfy all components when it comes to search engine optimisation with Google.

These are the results that I consider to be the most important reasons to choose a reputable SEO company to work with. What about you?

Remember, you are working with an SEO company who wants to improve your site, with a vital component of generating more traffic to your site. It is important to be transparent when devising a digital marketing strategy.

It is still early days for this algorithm development. Nevertheless, marketers need to ensure they are in tune with the effects of visitors on a search engine results page by ensuring that the content is rewarding not only for marketers but for owners. Mindfulness and understanding of signals can be monitored on the Google search central blog. The key is getting on top and staying on top to control this trend.

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